Hello, I'm Rikko!

Hi, you have entered my personal website. This website consists of two main parts. A professional part in which you are introduced to my portfolio and CV. The second part is on a more personal scale where you among other things can read about my interests. Mainly the website is written in English however a few pages mentioned by “(da)” is in Danish.

Yet another update

It has been a long time since I’ve been looking at my website. Finally I have uploaded my CV. It is uploaded in a short version but feel free to ctc me if you want the extended version. Furtermore I have updated the shared links and chosen from which pages they are available. As the last gimmick I added a small lark as a logo. Enjoy! Del

First update

Finally today I have worked on my website again. Through some helpfull guidance on youtube and some well spend minutes coding I have change a few small things: change the welcome page – more specific changing the text from a post to a firm content. added a separate blog category named “developing of website”. More to come on this. added some instagram photos thanks to a small widget from AlpineTile renewed the header picture on the front page I hoped to work out how to make the achor links on my train page but didn’t succeed today. I’ll give it...